Customised Balls

Want to invest in brand awareness and advertisement in a different way? Promote your brands with customized balls. Add some fun elements in your promotion with customized items and you can choose items like a ball of various sizes and shapes by which you can convey your message in an interesting way.

Take your promotional event a level up with Race Group customized balls. We design customized ball for all purposes. Whether you want one for a special event or for a promotional event, our high quality customized balls will definitely create the magic.

At Race Group we understand the different needs of different clients, that is why we offer easy customization of sports goods especially balls at affordable prices. Whether you want to print company logo, graphics or any text, it will be imprinted on the ball with precision and clarity.

We will make your promotional event interesting with our customized balls

Whether you want us to customize cricket ball, rugby ball, AFL or basketball, we can work on all sizes and shapes of the ball. Make your business stand out with customized balls and don’t miss a chance to catch the attention. These customized balls can be used as a promotional item and

Placing an order for customized balls is easy with Race Group. Send your requirement online, our expert will customize the product as per your requirement and once the product is approved it will be produced as per the client’s requirements.

The best part about our customized ball manufacturing service is we take orders of any quantity. Whether you want a small number of customized balls for any event or in bulk for a giveaway program we can deliver by your deadline.