Customised Balls


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Looking for a unique way to promote your brand? At Customised Balls, we’re able to help you produce one-of-a-kind products that are sure to stand out to everybody who sees them. Branded sports balls can help add an element of fun, family, or fitness (or all three) to your brand, connecting with the audience on a deeper level than a plain old pen can.

We also offer printed balls for all sorts of events, be they for promotion like trade shows, or a sports presentation night where every ball is personalised with each player’s name. No matter the event, our high quality customised balls are able to make it into something that will be remembered for years to come.

We understand our clients, offering easy customisations of sports goods at affordable prices. Be it company logos, graphics, text, or even photos, it can be imprinted on the ball with precision, contrast, and clarity.

Customised Balls, Melbourne, Australia
Customised Balls, Melbourne, Australia

A Wide Range to Choose From Leading to Endless Possibilities.

One of the things that set us apart is the sheer variety and customisability of what we offer. We don’t just slap on the logo, you can customise every part of the ball, from the base colour to the patterns on it, This is because we manufacture each ball ourselves, not just print on pre-made balls.

This also means we can offer an insane range of sports balls, including Rugby, Aussie Rules Football, Gridiron, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, the list goes on. These balls can then be ordered in a variety of different materials and sizes, from mini foam balls for a small souvenir to full-sized PVC or rubber for use to kick around with materials depending on the ball you’re after.

Send what you’re after through to us online and we can walk you through the process of ordering as well as any questions you may have about what would best suit your needs.