How Much Does Refrigerated Shipping Cost?

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How Much Does Refrigerated Shipping Cost?

There is no fixed cost for refrigerated shipping, especially when it is done internationally. The reason behind this is that several factors need to be calculated to finalise the shipping cost. A few of these factors are transit time, shipping distance, and effective weight of cargo. To give a figure to the cost of Refrigerated Courier Deliveries, we can say that a package weighing 2 to 3 pounds may have the shipping cost in the range of $30 and $150. The best way is to take quotations for a number of companies so that you can average out and get the near accurate estimate.

When you want to transport the temperature-sensitive goods, either within the country or internationally, it is always recommended to take the services of a professional company. Among the top reasons for taking the services of a professional refrigerated shipping company for your needs, the main one is: Maintenance of Private Fleet is tough and costly.

Let us understand it better.

When it comes to logistics, especially refrigerated logistics, then there is no room for even a minor error or compromise. Some companies believe that by making their private fleet of refrigerated vehicles, they will be able to ensure 100% confirmation and assurance in their delivery and shipping methodologies. However, this belief is wrong as maintenance of a private fleet of vehicles is not only tough but also a costly affair. It is highly recommended to take the services of a third party refrigerated shipping company that can handle all your shipping requirements. 

  • With such services, you will know how much money you need to spend for a month or year to work your rental cost. That will give you more flexibility and freedom to manage the cost of other processes.
  • In a private fleet, there is always a certain cost required for their repairs, servicing, and maintenance. This causes a sudden requirement of cash and hence can contribute towards disturbing the budget.
  • With your private fleet, there is always the worry and requirement of its servicing. This contributes towards additional costs, which are completely eliminated in case of a third party Logistics Company, as the repair and servicing tasks are carried out by the outsourcing company.
  • For Refrigerated Courier Deliveries, third party Logistic Company is preferred, since you get the option of choosing the ideal vehicle that is not only cost effective but also ultra modern.

What About the Service of Same Day Delivery Across Melbourne?

The service of Same Day Delivery Across Melbourne is different from that of refrigerated couriers. However, there are a few companies like the Race Group that offer both the services under their portfolio. The group is working independently under the company name Race Couriers that has a well-established network throughout Melbourne, allowing you to ensure 100% success in the service of Same Day Delivery Across Melbourne. This company is also offering refrigerated vehicles on a rental basis that are important for handling the shipping requirements of temperature-sensitive goods.

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